• "We love the detail and precisement of their work. Staff is friendly and want us to have complete
    satisfaction with our project."                                                    ~ Jim & Sue L., Deck Replacement

  •  "It was an absolute pleasure having Von Flue Construction do my Kitchen Remodel. The guys doing the
    work did an outstanding job down to the last detail. They made this project run smoothly; turn out perfectly
    and to my satisfaction. Their daily cleanup was greatly appreciated. I would hire them again without any
    second thoughts."                                                                    ~ Hazel C.,  Kitchen Remodel

  •  "I get a lot of "wow" out of the people who see my shop. Von Flue Construction has a lot of talented
    people to give you the quality you need."                                ~ Jason & Jo K.,  New Shop Construction

  •  "It was a pleasure to be able to work with the entire team at Von Flue Construction. From start to finish, we
    appreciated the high level of customer service and superior quality of craftsmanship in the construction of
    our new home. We would highly recommend Von Flue Construction to anyone."
                                                                                                     ~ Ryan & Kara K.,  New Home Construction

  •  "For our Kitchen Remodel we couldn't have been more pleased with Von Flue Construction. They stayed
    within the original bid, the work was very professional and finished within the time frame given. We love it!"
                                                                                                      ~ Larry & Jane G.,  Kitchen Remodel

  •  "Von Flue Construction was great to work with! They did everything to our satisfaction and we would
    recommend them to anyone!"                                                  ~ Ivan & Sophia S., Home Remodel & Addition

  •  "All of the people who worked on our project were concerned about quality and proactive about
    addressing  potential problems. We would highly recommend Von Flue Construction if you want high
    quality, good workmanship, and friendly helpful staff."             ~ Gene & Melissa M.,  Home Remodel

  •  "The services and product generated by Von Flue Construction was extraordinary. They are a pleasure to
    work with."                                                                                 ~ Tim & Lisa S.,  New Home Construction

  •   "As building our home was our first experience with a big construction project, we wanted to have the help
    of Von Flue Construction. When we completed it, the only thing I would have done differently was to have
    them do even more; like install cabinets. They are terrific."       ~ Rob & Mindy D.,  New Home Construction

  •  " The crew was easy to talk to and had a good sense of humor. Very professional at their approach. Your
    Foreman was top notch and offered good solid solutions to any problems that came up."
                                                                                                     ~ Stephen V.,  Home Exterior Siding & Painting

  •   "I was thoroughly pleased and impressed with the whole Von Flue team. Workmanship was impeccable,
    they were always courteous, punctual and clean-up was a delight. Definitely would recommend them and
    hire them again."                                                                       ~ Laura J.,  Home Exterior Siding & Painting

  •  "We believe that Von Flue Construction was always very honest and straight forward and they worked
    hard to help us get the Remodel results we wanted at the price we needed."
                                                                                                          ~ Robert P. & Kris U.,  Home Remodel

  •  "Every Von Flue employee was skilled and respectful of us and our property. They worked hard and
    exceeded  our expectations on the construction, repair, and appearance of our house and deck. They
    listened to our ideas and explained everything. Each day they cleaned up any debris. We highly
    recommend them."
                                                                                                     ~ Dale & Anne K.,  Exterior Deck Construction

  •  "The workers were courteous and their carpentry skills were excellent. Although I only had a small project,
    Von Flue acted as if it were the only job they had. The updated me every day while working in my Kitchen
    and cleaned up daily. I am proud of my Kitchen and will refer Von Flue to anyone wanting quality
    work."                                                                                      ~ Susan S.,  Kitchen Remodel

  Full names have been omitted for client privacy.  References can be obtained by calling 503-585-8054.
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